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LIVONDO Medical Healthcare Manufacturing

Manufacturer of medical lubricants: Simple. Safe. Fast.


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Anyone who says that the customer ist king has to prove it.
LIVONDO GmbH & Co. KG is a German company manufacturing gels to be applied as coating agents and medical CE lubricants (lubricant gels, ultrasonic gels) in the areas of healthcare, health style and cosmetics.

We guarantee a fast marketability, because you as our customer can draw on our products as a PLM (private label manufacturer) service. You will save both time and money for certification by simply falling back on us as your OEM (original equipment manufacturer)

The high standard of all our products “Made in Germany“ is always guaranteed by the guidelines 93/42/EWG as well as the implementation of the Medical Devices Law and the upcoming DIN ISO 13485 certification.

The company was founded in 1999 and operates new under the name of LIVONDO GmbH & Co. KG Medical Healthcare Manufacturing since 2006. Our main focus is on medical products. The company has its headquarters in “Wissenschaftspark“ (Science Park) in the oldest city in Germany – Trier. All activities regarding product development, production and distribution are coordinated from here.
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