LIVONDO Kosmetik Massagegel

Massage oils & intimate products according to the Cosmetics Directive GMP

Massaging, stimulating, caring: premium quality for your label from LIVONDO


LIVONDO will advise you comprehensively on all products e.g. on the choice of pack size, the shape of the packaging, and the design, and with the shipping and logistics. Individual adaptations, special requests and developments are possible. Ask us. We will be happy to help you further.


Our cosmetic portfolio:


Intimate products manufactured according to Cosmetics Directive GMP
1. Stimulation gel (women)
2. Stimulation gel according to the customer’s request (laboratory prototype)
3. Intimate cream for women
4. Intimate washing lotion for women


Massage oils manufactured according to Cosmetics Directive GMP
1. Massage oil neutral
2. Massage oil with perfume (e.g. lemon)
3. Massage oil according to customer’s request (laboratory prototype)
4. Nuru massage gel



White Label: We produce for you and your brand
You know what is required in your market. We know how to produce it. Our network of designers, packaging manufacturers and raw material suppliers, our formulae and our contacts to technical and medical testing institutes enable us to create optimally appropriate premium products. We will supply you with market-ready products – tailored to your target group – according to your ideas, with your label.



Our production process follows the most stringent health & safety guidelines. We produce in Germany on the basis of selected raw products.




Skin and mucous-membrane-friendly ultrasonic & electrode gels that delight doctors. There is also our “Ear On” gel for wearers of hearing aids.



Large selection of water and silicon-based lubricant gels for use with condoms. Class I and IIa medical devices in various viscosities.



Products for active people: Anti Rubbing fluid against chafing and blisters. “Easy On” gel for water sports enthusiasts makes it easier to put on neoprene and diving suits.



Special gels developed for veterinarians: insemination gel for animals, lubricant gel for animals for rectal examinations, obstetrics gel for animals.