LIVONDO premium manufacturer of medical lubricant gels

No compromises in quality for your product

LIVONDO stands for unsurpassed quality and flexibility in manufacturing, packaging and logistics of lubricant gels (medical CE lubricants, coating agents and ultrasonic gels).

Because we have earned an impeccable reputation in two decades, we know the special responsibility that we owe in return for the great customer confidence shown in us. And that is precisely why we set ourselves the highest standards every day and give our best.

Highly modern production according to our own formulae in Germany
Our own formulae take into account the varied fields of application. Our production process follows the most stringent health and safety guidelines. Under our own direction, we produce premium lubricant gels in Germany on the basis of selected raw products and the best ingredients. The lubricants are manufactured in special stainless steel drums and custom-packed in special packing machines. Continuously and randomly taken product samples are precisely analysed.
Our compounding and mixing area has special tanks for heating, cooling and vacuum mixing with a multitude of stirrers.

This way, at LIVONDO, it is ensured at all times that the products meet all health guidelines and possess the characteristics for which our products are so appreciated and have received awards. The always suitably adapted consistency guarantees the right sliding behaviour.

Every batch of the product receives a clearly identifiable code. Whether it be a case of smaller quantities or large orders, with LIVONDO, the same principles of care and traceability always apply.

We have the right formulae for the widest variety of fields of application of lubricant gels. Whether it be healthcare, stimulation, protection, massage or hygiene, whether they be gels with caring properties or with vitalising ingredients, LIVONDO is your capable partner in Europe.

Precisely tailored to your requirements, user-defined
Are your products to be put in plastic bottles, tubes, spray bottles, jars, sachets or large containers (canisters)? We act exactly according to your specifications. Our capacities allow us to produce up to 750,000 finished products a day. Front-back labels, wraparound labels or sleeves (full-body shrink) are possible with us.

Would you like to convince your target group with product samples? No problem. Small packed samples in single-portion sachets are also feasible with LIVONDO.

Ask us. Value creation through innovation is what we do. LIVONDO.