Because you love pure closeness.

vujo Frischling – Naturally. Out of love.

Some ideas are like good wine: the longer they mature, the more they develop. Carola Lehmann had such an idea after the birth of her daughter more than twenty years ago.

It all began in the search for baby care that would be right for her daughter and for her. That was more difficult than she thought. Of course, natural products were already available at that time, but the smell and design of the products did not suit a young modern mother who only wants something natural for her child. Whatever she chose, it was always a compromise.

This was the birth of her idea. She wanted to create baby care that was not a compromise. Natural products without perfume but also without the unpleasant inherent odour that natural cosmetics often bring with them. Products that preserve the baby’s individual scent – for an intimate parent-child bond. At the same time, it should also be baby care that is visually appealing. The idea for vujo Frischling was born.


Kampagne vujo


Today, we market the baby care brand vujo Frischling under the umbrella of LIVONDO and the brand has become a matter of the heart for all employees.

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