Certified, comprehensively tested, approved gels in premium quality

Developed and produced in Germany

LIVONDO premium gels are “Made in Germany”. As developer and manufacturer we guarantee our contractual partners from industry and trade that our tested CE lubricant gels are free of substances and combinations hazardous to health.

Our products bear the confirmations or seals of the relevant quality and safety directives: e.g. TÜV (verification of ISO 13485), CE (approval mark according to EU directives) and FDA (US medicines control agency). This creates trust, and satisfaction binds your customers to your brands.

Every day, we make use of our comprehensive gel expertise, acquired in the course of 20 years, for satisfied clients and the consumers. We offer the only silicon lubricant gel in the world to have FDA approval (medicines control authority of the USA). Due to the strict testing criteria, FDA approval is regarded in the industry as an especially high hurdle for medical devices.

Guaranteed quality proven a million times
LIVONDO is a certified manufacturer that guarantees adherence to Directive 93/42/EEC, implementation of the Medical Devices Act and adherence to DIN ISO 13485:2016. We offer our customers lubricants as medical devices (CE), wash gels and creams, which are for use in the genital area.

Large international chains such as Coop, Rewe, Tesco and Makro Cash & Carry are among our satisfied clients.

Contacts to leading research institutions
Since 2015 we have been contacts of the research of the “Fraunhofer Institute”. New innovative products in the medical segment are the aim.

Our company headquarters are in Bonn.  All activities regarding product development, production and distribution are coordinated from here. In accordance with set procedures, we take random samples and test for microbiology.

LIVONDO offers you and your customers certified, tested, consistent quality and safety. If you have further questions, please get in touch with us.