LIVONDO premium healthcare

25 years of experience as a manufacturer of high-quality premium healthcare products and over 100 million complaint-free applications of our medical products are the basis of our success.

We offer biocompatible medical products and certified natural cosmetics so that people can enjoy their relationship naturally.


Our services

LIVONDO produces premium healthcare products according to your specifications. Our focus is on high-quality medical products and certified natural cosmetics. We use our many years of expertise to provide you with comprehensive advice and support for your plans. Thanks to our already certified formulations and our diverse production options, we can offer you a high degree of implementation speed and flexibility. Our white label products can be found as customer products in specialist shops, drugstores and pharmacies worldwide.


Our claim

LIVONDO stands for many years of experience in the market of premium healthcare products. We guarantee that our products take into account current scientific and ecological aspects over and above the legal requirements. The manufacturing process follows the strictest health and safety guidelines. We produce in Germany on the basis of selected raw materials. LIVONDO is a certified manufacturer, which guarantees compliance with the MDR, the implementation of the Medical Devices Implementation Act and compliance with DIN ISO 13485:2016.


Our responsibility

We take responsibility for our actions. It is particularly important to us to act in a socially responsible and sustainable manner. To this end, we have defined clear values for our actions, cooperation in our company and partnership with our customers and signed the BSCI Code of Conduct. We are committed to equal opportunities and against discrimination. For our products, we try to implement regional procurement as far as possible and minimise the impact on our environment through sustainable packaging.


Our history

Roland Lehmann started marketing lubricant gels in 1997. The decisive factor was the realisation that lubricants provide a variety of benefits and that the focus on sexuality at the time fell short. Gels can protect, cleanse and care for mucous membranes and skin in general. Success proved him right. In 2006, he therefore founded LIVONDO together with Carola Lehmann and transferred the business to the new company. As a matter of the heart, and to further expand our marketing and sales expertise, we also developed our own baby care brand vujo Frischling.


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