Class I and IIa lubricant gels from LIVONDO

Since 1997 guaranteed premium-quality promise, certified manufacturer

Founded in 1997 by Roland Lehmann, LIVONDO has over the last twenty years developed into the premium brand for the manufacturing of particularly well-tolerated, functional lubricant gels. We have the claim of producing the best lubricants on the market for almost every application. To do this we have been developing and improving our unique formulae for years.

Our certified company, which trades as LIVONDO GmbH premium healthcare, now supplies customers from all over the world. For example, we have private label customers in Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, UK, Finland, Russia, Mexico, USA …

More than 80 million complaint-free applications, and a very good test result and the innovation prize of CV Magazine as “Best Full-Service Medical Lubricants Provider” justify our excellent reputation and are a confirmation of our work. Our satisfied customers supply large international chains such as Coop, Rewe, Tesco and Makro Cash & Carry.

The high standard of all our products “Made in Germany” is guaranteed by adherence to Directive 93/42/EEC, implementation of the Medical Devices Act and adherence to DIN ISO 13485:2016. We offer our customers lubricants as medical products (CE), wash gels, and creams, which are for use in the genital area.

Our company headquarters are in Bonn – Germany. All activities regarding product development, production and distribution are coordinated from here. We maintain close contact to research institutions. Since 2015 we have been contacts of the research of the “Fraunhofer Institute”. New innovative products in the medical segment are the aim being discussed.

In 2017 we received four new associates and now benefit from their additional high-class expertise and international reputation. With Dr. Wilhelm Heilmann, Jan Meyer, Dr. Wilfried Dolkemeyer and Dieter Woitscheck, former CEOs, CFOs and COOs are on hand with help and advice. The new input from them is helping us to prepare for our further corporate growth.

Market-ready, immediately available, proven formulae

Product examples:

  • Lubricant gels/lubricants
  • Condom coating agents
  • Intimate hydrogels
  • Massage gels
  • Cleaning gels
  • Protective gels against blistering and chafing
  • Ultrasound gels
  • Healthcare gels such as e.g. lubricant gel for easier insertion of hearing aids
  • Gels for animal birth
  • Fluid making it easier to put on neoprene and diving suits …