Certified production in Germany

Gels for doctors and medical professionals

Gels for diagnostics in the health sector and other medical applications require a particularly high and consistent quality. Only selected medical raw materials are used here. Thus, our products meet the highest requirements of general practitioners and medical specialists. For diagnostics, we produce gels with excellent gliding properties and tested skin compatibility.

Ultrasound Gel

The contact gel for sonography (also called ultrasound diagnostics) is dermatologically tested. It contains effective moisturisers and is optimally adjusted with a pH value of 5.8 – 6.4. Free of formaldehyde, perfume, dyes and UV stabilisers. The gel is produced under vacuum, so no bubbles are formed. It is acoustically precise for safe, reliable diagnostics.

Electrode Gel

The contact agent for electrodes used in ECG (electrocardiography), EEG (electroencephalogram), EMG (electromyography) and other diagnostic methods in cardiology is dermatologically tested. It has a high electrical conductivity. Free of formaldehyde, perfume, dyes and UV stabilisers.

Our services in the field of medical devices:

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