Gels that delight doctors and medical employees

Diagnostic and other medical applications in particular require especially high and consistent quality in the production process. LIVONDO Medical Products are, like all our gels, especially carefully manufactured from selected raw materials. This way our products meet even the high requirements of general practitioners and specialists. For diagnostics we supply gels with excellent sliding qualities and proven skin tolerance. And one of our special gels even raises the quality of life of hearing-impaired people.

Ultrasonic Gel
The LIVONDO contact agent for sonography (also called echography or ultrasound diagnostics) has been dermatologically tested. With moisture retainer. pH-neutral for the skin and mucous membrane pH 5.8 – 6.4. The gel is manufactured in a vacuum. It contains no bubbles and is harmless for skin and sonic heads. No formaldehyde, without perfume, without colourings, without UV stabilisers. Acoustically precise for safe, reliable diagnostics.

Electrode Gel
Our contact agent for electrodes. For use with ECG (electrocardiography), EEG (electroencephalogram), EMG (electromyography) and other diagnostic methods in cardiology. High electrical conductivity. Without formaldehyde, soft structure, non-greasy, causes no stains. Its good skin tolerance is of course also especially important for the patients.

“Ear On”. The gel for safe, comfortable retention of hearing aids and headphones
Soft Gel Ear On makes it possible to insert and wear hearing aids and headphones from all leading brand manufacturers without any problems. The devices remain safely in the ear even after heavy sweating, during vigorous movement and during training. The gel gives pleasant wear comfort. The sound quality of the device is not impaired at all. Ear On also keeps the skin supple and improves the hearing aid’s technical service life.